Chapter Books

Adventures in the world of In and Out 

by William Haponski - illustrated by Mary Barrows

Travel to the world of In with Squiggly, Henry and Peggy; a world where insects that once appeared small to those of the outisde world are now trerrifying beasts; a world where friendships are born and healing begings for an old war veteran who has seen his fair share. 

For more adventurous Readers - 8-12yrs

The Adventures of Uncle Rocky - Fireman

by James Burd Brewster - illustrated by Mary Barrows


Enjoy more adventures of Rocky Hill and his two nephews, Ben and Luke, as they fight fires, rescue people, help neighbors, and promote fire safety. The stories emphasize service to others and devotion to duty with each exciting episode ending with our heroes stating they were, “Glad To Do It!” when thanked for their help.

The Squirrel King 

by Matthew J. Thibeault- illustrated by Mary Barrows 

Did you ever wonder what dogs talk about to each other when we're not around? Well, for the most part they talk about things that their humans talk about. They discuss the weather and the state of the family and what they want for dinner, but most of all, they tell each other stories. All dogs love a good story and most of them are great story tellers as well. The Squirrel King is the first in a series of books that are the fairytales that older dogs tell to younger ones.
Jacob Doesn't Read - 8 yrs

by Kelley M Likes- illustrated by Mary Barrows 

Jacob Read loved everything about his name. Well, almost everything. He didn’t like it when people called him Jacob Red, like the color. Or assumed he actually liked to read. Jacob didn’t like to read. At all. Not a word, not a phrase, not a sentence, not a paragraph, and definitely not an entire book. Join Jacob on his first adventure in researching "Something." Meet Mrs. Sharp and the other amazing children in Jacob's class.


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