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Here are some of the titles currently available on amazon as well as other self-publishers. 

Keep an eye out for new titles monthly!

The Cave of Healing

by William Haponski - illustrated by Mary Barrows

Travel to the world of In with Squiggly, Henry and Peggy; a world where insects that once appeared small to those of the outisde world are now trerrifying beasts; a world where friendships are born and healing begings for an old war veteran who has seen his fair share. 

Corporate Fish

by Xanthos Likes - illustrated by Mary Barrows


A hilarious tale about some rather miscivious fish who have decided that their tank is rather limiting to their possible potential.

Who Wants A Cookie?

by James Burd Brewster - illustrated by Mary Barrows


Karen, a 3rd grade teacher, learns from her student, Sam, how baking cookies shouts, "I Love You!" to his family and then decides to start her own family baking tradition. You can too with three excellent Chocolate Chip Cookie recipes included with the story.

Becky's Poems

by Rebecca Hardison Smith - illustrated by Mary Barrows


Becky Hardison Smith always loved to write poems.  Her 21 thoughtful and funny poems are based on people and events in her life; some political, some religious, and some humorous (her favorites).  


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